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A Precious Resource

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By Melissa Cordish
As Jews, we understand that the concept of a covenant is central to our tradition. From Abraham and Sarah to our collective experience at Sinai, the theme of Brit appears over and over again. Striving to understand what is expected of us and working to fulfill these expectations is part of the essence of being a Jew. This concept is also key to the relationship between volunteers and the organizations for which they serve; A clear mutual understanding is critical the achievement of a meaningful volunteer experience. Members of boards or committees accept responsibility for their work and, in return, expect a level of respect and enrichment from their experience.

To facilitate this mutually beneficial relationship, The Associated’s Center for Community Engagement and Leadership (CCEL) has developed a Brit Avodah, a covenant of service, between board members and the organizations they serve. CCEL works both within The Associated system and in the general Jewish community to ensure that those who generously give their time and talent come away from the experience feeling good about the work they have done and also enriched by their interaction with the organization.

This is no small feat. To achieve this goal, CCEL has developed the tools organizations need to keep volunteers engaged in their board or committee experience and works with organizations to help them put these best practices into action. A robust resource library covering everything from writing a D’var Torah to ice breakers for meetings to Jewish values is featured on the Associated’s website and is available to the community.

CCEL professionals and ambassadors also work directly with volunteers in The Associated system to ensure that their communal role is well-suited to their wants and needs. By meeting individually with each person and exploring his or her strengths and areas of interest, CCEL is able to match volunteers to the right leadership opportunity. Some people pursue involvement which utilizes their particular talents; others may choose an area of need which resonates with them. No matter what they seek, CCEL can help connect an interested volunteer with the right opportunity.

CCEL’s commitment to this mission reflects important elements in Jewish communal life in Baltimore – the effective use of the time and talent of our volunteers and the cultivation of a cadre of active leaders for tomorrow. These dedicated volunteers are an incredible asset to our community. The decisions made by these boards and committees have the potential to impact countless lives. And the stronger and better trained that cohort of leaders is, the stronger our community will be.

Baltimore is unique among Jewish communities. Many struggle to engage leaders and lack a plan for succession among their boards. The Associated has been training future generations for many years and benefits from a robust cadre of volunteers who are poised and prepared to lead our community for years to come. Every committee or board member working in our community has the ability to lead from any chair. These leaders move our communal agenda forward and take care of our community. Thanks to them and their willingness to learn and grow in their roles, our community truly is in good hands.

Melissa Cordish is chair of The Associated’s Center for Community Engagement and Leadership.


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New Online Resource Library For Community Professionals

By Melissa Cordish

Vice-Chair, Center for Community Engagement & Leadership



Are you new to a Board? Have you just been asked to serve on another committee? Do you need to write a D’var Torah for your meeting tonight? Need advice on managing a hectic meeting? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you will probably find yourself researching “best practices” on Google, or another one of your favorite search engines.

Instead of relying on unknown websites, look no further than the ASSOCIATED’s Center for Community Engagement & Leadership’s (CCEL) new Online Resource Library. Whether you want to provide training to your board or are looking for an icebreaker or Jewish quote/story to use at a board retreat, the Online Resource Library is filled with valuable resources and tools that will benefit our dedicated community professionals and lay leaders.

The Online Resource Library includes information relating to: 

  • Maximizing Board Effectiveness 
  • Meeting Engagement 
  • Board/Board Member Assessment 
  • Navigating the Lay/Pro Relationship 
  • Fundraising 
  • Nomination & Succession Planning

Please visit the Online Resource Library and share with your networks by clicking here: www.associated.org/ccelresource.

THE ASSOCIATED’s Center for Community Engagement & Leadership (CCEL) strives to strengthen and enrich the Baltimore Jewish community by engaging individuals in meaningful opportunities for volunteer involvement and advancement throughout THE ASSOCIATED system. For more information about CCEL or to get involved with The ASSOCIATED please contact Erica Hobby at ehobby@associated.org.


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