The Dor Tikvah Experience: Saying Yes

dor tikvah

By Elizabeth Schuman
Associated Women

I met an amazing group of women. I learned so much about the wide variety of great agencies and organizations in Baltimore. I re-ignited my Jewish spark that was always there … and Dor Tikvah inspired me to become more involved in the Jewish community.
Aileen Losin

I was exposed to so many things I never knew existed in my community. I met so many outstanding people during this journey and I would encourage other women to follow in my footsteps.
Ellen Driscoll

When many of us think about our schedules, we think about a packed to-do list and endless scheduling. So, it was with no small amount of consideration that the 14 women in the Dor Tikvah Class of 2014 said “yes” two years ago to the Dor Tikvah program.

For these women, saying yes was the start of a journey that took them from leadership skill building to personal Jewish growth to in-depth knowledge about our community. Under the leadership of co-chairs Tammy Heyman and Heather Cohen, the Dor Tikvah Class of 2014 met monthly from September 2012 through May 2014.

The class delved into their personality and leadership styles. Ask any Dor Tikvah graduate about her color and she’ll tell you the joys of being red, yellow, blue or green. Or she’ll tell you how to collaborate with someone who is a thinker … or a feeler. Or perhaps, she’ll share the importance of knowing your story and how to tell it in a meaningful way to the next generation.

The group met some of Baltimore’s most experienced and committed leaders – doers and visionaries leading our community into the next decade. They tapped into the brainpower of nationally recognized speakers and educators. They tried new things … and left their comfort zone.

I feel the programming was so very informative and well-organized. I enjoyed spending so much time with such great women. I learned so much about how The Associated takes care of our community. I had the opportunity to deliver a D’var Torah … and I was surprised how much I enjoyed that process. The program connected me to others and helped build my confidence!
Kim Brandwin

I really enjoyed being educated on the work of The Associated. Being new in Baltimore (again), this was a great and special way to connect with the community and with other women.
Deborah Levi Lowy

I learned so much about the Jewish Community in Baltimore. I also made a good group of new friends. I thought that the sessions were really informative and taught me a lot about myself.
Sonja Sugerman

The interactive, lively monthly programs showcased the critical work performed by the 14 different agencies and countless programs that receive Associated funding. Not only did the class learn about the importance of raising dollars to care for our entire community, they also learned about the intricate, thoughtful community process that allocates funds to causes and programs.

Throughout, overarching themes emerged: to leave the world a better place, to teach their children about tikkun olam and to lead by example. Today, these women are taking their next steps. Some are serving on Associated agency boards, others are leading or serving on committees. The seemingly all-too-short journey has helped them become more confident, sure and passionate about philanthropy, Judaism and community.

Much happens in two years. Beyond learning, these women gained something equally valuable – friendships. The class socializes and volunteers together. Their children have play dates. They support and care during a loss. They cheer and welcome at a birth – and members of this class had three babies during these two years!

I met amazing ladies, increased my knowledge about Jewish Baltimore and enjoyed community services and networking.
Rachel Gutman

It exceeded all of my expectations. I made new friends. I sat on the BJC (Baltimore Jewish Council) board, which was so interesting and informative.
Ann Rubin

I met so many amazing people. I love that I traveled all around Baltimore and explored new places. I have so many new and wonderful friendships and connections thanks to Dor Tikvah!
Wendy McChesney

To a person, the many benefits of the Dor Tikvah experience began when each said “yes.”

Mazel Tov to the Class of 2014
Lisa Berman. Kimberly Brandwin. Ellen Driscoll. Daina Garonzik. Rachel Gutman. Susan Haus. Sara Hoffman. Deborah Levi Lowy. Amanda Levine. Aileen Losin. Wendy McChesney. Sonja Sugerman. Melanie Yasbin. Tammy Heyman and Heather Cohen, Co-Chairs.

The Dor Tikvah Class of 2016 is forming now! Find out more by calling Liz Schuman at or 410-369-9251 or visit


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