Late Night on Lloyd Streets Returns

By Marissa Walker
Education Intern, Jewish Museum of Maryland

IA 3.0651

On July 23rd at 6:30 p.m., the Jewish Museum of Maryland at the Herbert Bearman Campus will welcome the return of its Late Night on Lloyd Street program series. This summer, it will be in the form of a series of educational workshops focusing on various aspects of Jewish life, religion, culture and traditions, and will be made possible by a generous grant from the Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Fund.

This summer, Late Night on Lloyd Street will take a new approach to Jewish adult education.  The series of young adult programs is meant to attract people of all backgrounds and levels of knowledge about Judaism. These workshops will be relaxed, interactive and engaging.  They will be led by knowledgeable Baltimoreans with expertise in topics ranging from Hebrew slang to Jewish superstition. Each workshop will be self-contained, and is meant to entertain as well as educate.

The first workshop in the series —  “The Most Fun Hebrew Workshop Ever!”– will be a bite-sized and eye-opening overview of the modern Hebrew language, taught by Sarah Edelsburg, a fluent Hebrew speaker and recent graduate of the M.A. in Community Arts program at MICA. Sarah has put together an entertaining mix of common phrases, useful words, interesting etymology, language history and popular usage facts that will undoubtedly spark some lively post-workshop discussion.

Located in the heart of a diverse and multi-cultural city, the Jewish Museum of Maryland is surrounded by opportunities to expand its educational reach to the local community. These workshops are a new way for the museum to open its doors to visitors who would not otherwise choose to spend an evening learning something new about their own culture, or someone else’s.

Because of the number of young adults living downtown, this program seemed a great medium through which to offer additional insight into a perhaps otherwise mysterious subject to those seeking to expand their knowledge of their cultural surroundings. These workshops will also largely be taught by young adults who are a part of the greater Baltimore community. Their local perspectives on the topics they plan on teaching will no doubt help them to customize their workshop lessons for those who attend the programs.

This accessible, laid-back approach to Jewish education will hopefully prove to be a nurturing and encouraging series for attendees curious to know more about Judaism. No matter how much those who choose to participate know about Jewish culture, language or tradition already, these workshops, and their instructors, will strive to teach everyone something they didn’t know before.

The next workshop in the series tentatively plans to focus on Jewish and Israeli art, both past and present. Sarah Edelsburg will be returning with a completely new lesson plan focusing on some of the more fascinating aspects of art in a Jewish context, and will be giving a presentation focusing on this genre of visual art’s interesting features, as well as different eras of Jewish art and it’s departures from its traditional roots.

The museum will serve light refreshments (Jewish dietary laws observed) and adult beverages both during and after each educational presentation. It will remain open for a discussion-friendly happy hour immediately following each workshop’s conclusion.

For more information check out To  register for this free program email or call 410-732-6400.

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