Shalom Baltimore Welcomes Newcomers

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By Dena Cohen
Shalom Baltimore Program Associate

Are you or someone you know new to Baltimore? Shalom Baltimore, a program of The Associated, was created to seamlessly welcome you as the newest members of the Baltimore Jewish Community. The diversity represented through programs, synagogues, schools and activities in the Baltimore Jewish Community are guaranteed to foster opportunities for you to find others to share experiences.

Each year the Shalom Baltimore program welcomes close to 300 newcomers to the Baltimore Jewish Community. Our program offers one-on-one Welcome Meetings between newcomers and Shalom Baltimore volunteers where a Welcome Package is delivered and relocation questions can be answered. Throughout the year, Shalom Baltimore promotes programs and opportunities for involvement in the Baltimore Jewish Community and holds special events to increase interactions between newcomers and volunteers.

Here are a few frequently asked questions we often get.

As a newcomer, what do I receive at a Shalom Baltimore Welcome Meeting?

At your welcome meeting, you will receive a Shalom Baltimore Welcome Bag containing coupons for a trial membership at the JCC, a free challah from a Kosher bakery in town, a trial subscription to the Baltimore Jewish Times, and a one-year membership to the Jewish Museum of Maryland. The Welcome Bag also contains community resources to help you get involved, a Shalom Baltimore coffee mug and a Shabbat Kit!

How are volunteer/newcomer matches made?

By arranging personalized one-on-one meetings, newcomers have the opportunity to meet with Shalom Baltimore volunteers and receive community resources, get connected with community organizations and make new friends in the community. Shalom Baltimore volunteer matches are made based on demographic information, denomination, occupation, area where you both live and interests. The more information the newcomer provides on their Intake Form, the more they will have in common with their volunteer!

I am considering a move to the Baltimore area. Where are some popular areas that my family should look into? 

Beginning the search for your perfect neighborhood might be a bit daunting. Check out these resources on the Neighborhoods section of the Shalom Baltimore website for highlights of local areas you might want to consider when arriving in Baltimore.

I recently decided to relocate to Baltimore. Where do I start with my relocation process?

From deciding where to live and helping with the job search to hooking up your utilities and exploring your new community, we have the answers you seek!

I am new to town and looking for ways to get involved in the community and meet new people. Any suggestions?

The Baltimore Jewish Community is over 93,000 strong and growing! Where ever you are in life, and however you celebrate being Jewish, you’ll find a home in our community. Click here to Discover Jewish Baltimore. Click here for more information about events or something to do Around Town. Also, check out the People section for more specific opportunities for involvement by demographic interest area.

Check out the Shalom Baltimore Homepage,, to complete your newcomer intake form and Get Welcomed today or Refer a Friend to Shalom Baltimore!

Still have questions about Shalom Baltimore? Contact Dena Cohen, Shalom Baltimore Program Associate at or 410-843-7478.


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