Volunteer, Create, Discover

nurture nature

by Elizabeth Schuman
Senior Women’s Associate

Learn how to make cheese or pickles. Find out how farming and the Bible are connected. Cook a healthy meal and then share the bounty at a homeless shelter. See a working farm. Get to know other ASSOCIATED Women and discover how much more we can accomplish together.

Join us at Nurture Your Nature at Pearlstone Center on Sunday, May 5, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Hosted by ASSOCIATED Women, Nurture Your Nature at Pearlstone is packed with creative volunteering and learning activities, designed to appeal to many interests. “We expect to have fun together, learn, volunteer and help others, all at the same time at Pearlstone, a stunning facility,” says event co-chair Dixie Leikach.

One key aspect, adds Beth Mayers, event-co-chair, is the social justice component, offering women the chance to harvest crops and donate meals prepared that day. “I’d love for those who attend, especially women who are new to THE ASSOCIATED and ASSOCIATED Women, to see how we are here every day of the year to reach out to the community and touch other people’s lives.”

The day provides a chance to learn timeless techniques. “We will be working with our hands, while we are engaged in Jewish learning,” says Dixie.

Both hope that all women will see how Pearlstone’s eco-conscious approach jives with Judaism.  With a farm, animal pasture and retreat center used by groups from around the nation, Pearlstone infuses environmental education with a Jewish bent. In fact, national funding maven Slingshot named Pearlstone one of the country’s most innovative Jewish nonprofits two years in row.

“Pearlstone’s approach is relevant to our world right now,” says Beth. “Right here in Reisterstown, we have a place that focuses on sustainability and community. This event will help our community, nurture our bodies and souls and connect us to one another.”

Here’s what’s in store: Feel-Good, Do-Good: Pick your “faves” and choose your adventure.
• Make a healthy meal that will be donated to a homeless shelter.
• Learn about social justice and the Biblical take on farming and harvesting food.
• Flex your muscle with hands-on farming for spring and summer crops.
• Try your hand at handcrafted cheese, pickles or wine.

Got Goats? Hang with Pearlstone’s friendly goats – many of whom are expecting little ones right about the time of the event. Bring your camera for this photo-op.

Food: Refreshments throughout, plus make-your-own s’mores.

For information and to register, go to associated.org/nature. For more information, contact Carly Frank, cfrank@associated.org or call 410-369-9293.


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