Israel65. Celebrate!


By Sara Amin

How do you and your family celebrate birthdays?

When you’re very young, maybe there are arts and crafts, moon bounces and games with classmates and neighbors. When you get a bit older, perhaps you see a concert, do a little shopping or enjoy wine-tasting with friends of many years.

No matter what, you celebrate the mark of another year in the books.

This year, the Baltimore Israel Coalition invites you to celebrate Israel’s 65th birthday on June 2, beginning at noon, with an extravaganza at the Owings Mills Jewish Community Center.

So why Israel? And why now? According to Baltimore Israel Coalition staff member, Chana Siff, Israel has contributed so much to the world as a whole, from democracy to innovation to understanding. It is the democratic, national, historical and biblical home of the Jewish people – a people who can now be found all over the world, but are connected to this common home. The Baltimore Israel Coalition, a consortium of organizations in the greater Baltimore area working to support Israel through education, advocacy and community building, offers this opportunity for us all to come together and celebrate 65 years of love and support for this great state.

Everyone is invited! Teens, young adults, families, seniors – if you are looking for a fun afternoon with the entire community, this is the event for you.

For kids, this day brings Israeli games, arts and crafts, face-painting, henna, an obstacle course and even a moon bounce!

For young adults, teens and music lovers, this harmonious day features Matisyahu, a Jewish-American reggae and alternative rock musician, known all over the world for his ground-breaking sound and performances. Teens even have the chance for a special meet-and-greet before the show.

The community can enjoy Israeli vendors and food, interactive hands-on exhibits, captivating speakers and most importantly, a beautiful opportunity to appreciate the positive things coming out of Israel.

For more information on Israel’s 65th birthday and to purchase tickets for the Matisyahu concert, visit

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