On a Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoonBy Ina Krief

It was a crisp Sunday afternoon. The 8 a.m. soccer tournament was over, another tournament was planned for later but my son preferred to come with me. Wow, I must be doing something right.

My friend picked me up and we decided to take our boys and do “something different.” This Sunday, we would be helping others by participating in JVC’s Mitzvah Makers project during Good Neighbor Day.

I thought I was prepared for this Sunday afternoon activity but boy, was I wrong.

First, I forgot the address and accidentally parked in the wrong spot. We then had to walk for 15 minutes.

“Walk????  Not drive?,” asked the boys.

We finally arrived at our destination, registered and received a complimentary green shirt to wear.

“We have to wear a green T-shirt with the words “Good Neighbor Day” on it?,” they asked.

We then proceeded to the next room where we had to assemble emergency kits.

A nice young man explained to us what should be included in the bags. It was simple: two granola bars, three bottles of water and one plastic container filled with sidewalk salt.

I glanced over to my son to see if he was paying attention to these simple directions and what do I see? He found a swivel chair that goes up and down once you push on a small lever. That was exactly what he was doing, sitting in the chair going up and down. Lovely.

I had to put on my “you better listen to me right now” hat and things ran a little smoother.

Once we assembled six bags with emergency supplies, we were ready for our next mission. Deliver six bags of emergency kits to six houses in the area.
“In the area” meant 10 minutes away at the most.

We even said we would return to assemble more bags thinking it will take us 30 minutes at the most. Little did we know, we made it back in an hour and a half.
Why? You ask. Because my friend and I were chatting the whole way in the car thinking that we knew the area so well we didn’t need directions. After the third wrong turn, we finally admitted that we did need the directions. Guess what? We still could not find the house.

We asked the nice lady on my phone how to reach our next destination. She took us one turn at a time exactly where we needed to go. Thank you “maps” app! How did we manage without you?

Oh yes, I remember we had to ask our husbands and hear many lectures on how to read maps.

It was 4 p.m. and time to go home. I put my “teacher hat” on and asked the boys “how did you feel when delivered those bags to the elderly? What do you think about spending a few hours of your Sunday afternoon helping out instead of playing on the Xbox?” They paused from their important conversation on how to beat the “game” and said “it was good.”

“The earth brought forth vegetation: seed bearing plants of every kind, and trees of every kind bearing fruit with seed in it. And God saw that this was good.” Genesis 1,12

I guess on that Sunday afternoon we experienced our own “Creation” through our “seed bearing plants.” It was good to spend a crisp Sunday afternoon helping others.

Learn more about Mitzvah Makers>>


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