One More Building Block to a Stand-Out Resume

By Elizabeth Schuman

Use LinkedIn? You’re in good company. More than 120 million people, working everywhere from Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops, rely on the world’s largest professional network to tout their accomplishments.

Last year, LinkedIn added a new field, Volunteer Experiences & Causes. By expanding its mission to include the non-profit sector, the network encourages members to share their experiences, favorite causes and organizations they support. The thinking behind this tikkun olam decision is  that volunteering needs to be part of everyone’s professional brand, an expected part of the well-rounded resume.

Driving that decision was pure business.  When surveyed, 41 percent of professionals using LinkedIn said that when they are evaluating candidates, volunteer work was equally as valuable as paid work experience.

“Professionals often have the misconception that volunteer work doesn’t qualify as ‘real’ work experience,” said Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s Connection Director and best-selling author of the book, Girl on Top. “You may be a sales person by trade, but if you organized your nonprofit’s fundraising event, you can add skills, like event planning or event marketing, to your profile. Having those additional skills can potentially make you a more attractive employee and business partner.”

So, if you are looking to differentiate yourself, start here. There are countless opportunities within THE ASSOCIATED’s umbrella of agencies, programs and services. One good place for all people at every rung of the career ladder is THE ASSOCIATED’s Business and Professional division.

Hundreds of local professionals, representing diverse industries from real estate and law to medicine and sales, find fulfillment as part of this energetic networking and volunteer group. What they discover as they attend events, volunteer at community-building activities and help raise dollars, is this:

Doing good is good for business.

That’s the mantra of the Business and Professional division. Translated, it’s a win-win on multiple levels.

Imagine the feeling you’ll have as part of the team during CHAI Weatherization Day as you renovate the house belonging to a senior in need. Or, attending an event and making a valuable professional connection. You may find yourself working on a committee with an industry leader – whom you never would have had the opportunity to know otherwise. Consider the new skills you’ll gain with diverse situations and roles within the volunteer sector.

Volunteering lets you chase your passion, challenge yourself outside of work and contribute to the well-being of our community.

Of course, now, you have one more benefit: It looks pretty good on your LinkedIn profile, too.
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