‘Get good people, take good care of them and protect your name’

By: Renee von Gonten
Senior Campaign Associate, Business & Professionals

THE ASSOCIATED Business and Professionals Group Annual Event at The Lyric Opera House was a fantastic evening!  We had over 150 of Jewish Baltimore’s finest professionals gather for networking and advice from three of Baltimore’s Real Estate legends:  Lowell Glazer; President of Glazer Construction  Company;  Erwin L. Greenberg, Chairman Emeritus, Greenberg Gibbons Commercial, and Robert Levin; Co- Founder/Principal, KLNB, LLC.  As a new professional with THE ASSOCIATED I was astounded at the vast range of ages and industries that were represented in the room, and I would think that everyone left the event more knowledgeable.

The chair of the Real Estate Committee, Mark Renbaum, opened the evening by introducing Sandy Richmond who shared with us a little insider’s view of the 13 million dollar renovation that was just completed at the Lyric.  Mark then introduced our moderator for the program, Richard Sher.  Richard asked our three real estate legends about how they got started in the business, lessons they have learned, and advice for the next generation.  One theme that I picked up on throughout the program was that all three panelists agreed on the same advice: “Get good people, take good care of them and protect your name.” This is excellent advice for professionals at any stage in their career!

If you are interested in getting involved with our Business and Professionals Group and want to meet for coffee, feel free to contact me at rvongonten@associated.org or 410-369-9220.

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