History in the Making: Women’s Community Mosaic Celebrated at Sinai Hospital

A gorgeous pomegranate tree has taken root at Sinai Hospital, a partner agency of THE ASSOCIATED, thanks to some 350 ASSOCIATED Women and their daughters. The tree was brought to life during 13 mosaic tiling sessions held from February through April at the Hampden studio of Art with a Heart, a public arts organization that guided the entire process.

The sessions gave ASSOCIATED Women an exceptional opportunity to meet one another, share stories and work side-by-side as they created the floor to ceiling artwork. Throughout, participants brought treasured items such as heirloom jewelry, pottery, Judaica and other gifts to include. See the process on the ASSOCIATED Women Facebook page.

The Mosaic was dedicated at a formal ceremony on Sunday, May 6 at Sinai Hospital. More than 110 women and their families enjoyed celebratory remarks and a high tea reception, sponsored by Sinai. As a special keepsake, guests had their photographs taken in front of the Mosaic, often pointing out areas they tiled or items they brought.

The pomegranate is a fitting symbol. Embodying fertility and wisdom, the pomegranate, some believe, was in the Garden of Eden. The Midrash tells us the pomegranate has 613 seeds corresponding to the number of mitzvot in the Torah.

Kudos and much appreciation to Leslie Schaller and Louise Weinberg, Co-chairs, Women’s Community Mosaic; Michele Lax, Chair, Women’s Arts and Culture; and Ellen Macks, President, ASSOCIATED Women. Thank you to the hundreds of women, their mothers and daughters, who gave of their time and energy to create this unparalleled centerpiece for Jewish Baltimore.


Get more involved with ASSOCIATED Women>>


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