Frada’s Engagement

By Frada Wall

Four years ago, I was doing volunteer work at the Hackerman Patz House.  We took dessert and drinks to serve the families.  After they finished their treats, one little boy came up to me and said, “What are we going to do now?”  I said, “Who wants to play a game where we have a team?”

Three little boys raised their hands, one being my Cameron who I had just met that evening.  Since there were only three interested, Cameron and I were one team against the other little boys who were brothers.  Every time Cameron and I got a point, he would jump in my lap and give me a hug and kiss.  By the time I left that night, I adored Cameron.  When I got home that evening, I thought to myself that I should have invited Cameron and his family (mom, dad and sister Cassidy) out for Christmas dinner as they were not Jewish and Christmas was a few days away.  The next morning I called the house and spoke with the manager asking for the Jones’ family’s phone number.  Bill, the manager, said he could not give me their phone number but if I wanted to give him my number, he would tell them that I wanted to speak to them.  The very next day, Jeff, Cameron’s dad called me and I asked him if I could invite them out for Christmas dinner?  He said absolutely and we set a time when I would pick them up.  When I got there, Cameron came out and walked in front of my car.  I rolled down my window and said, “Cameron, aren’t you getting in the car?  He replied, “Yes, after I kiss you.”  He did kiss me while the rest of his family got in the car and then he got in the car.  I asked them where they would like to go and they all yelled at once, “Pizza Hut.”
I could not believe it, but that is where we went.

Cameron and his family were in Baltimore because he was having several surgeries to lengthen his leg.  They came into Baltimore from their home in New Mexico several times and after our first dinner they always called when they came in and we got together.  Amazingly, I was conceived in New Mexico because my dad was in the army there and my mom went to stay with him.  When he got his overseas orders my mom came home pregnant with me and my dad went to India.

A couple of years ago, Cameron’s doctor moved to Florida and instead of Baltimore, they had to go to Florida to see his doctor.  Several months after not seeing them, his dad called me; we kept in touch via phone. He told me to pick out a week to visit them in New Mexico as Cameron missed me “soooooo much.”  I did pick out a week and I went to visit them.  I had a great time with them.

The day I was leaving and rolling my suitcase out to the car, Cameron said, “Aunt Frada would you please go back in my room and I will call you when you can come out.” I did so. Two seconds later he called me to come out.  His mom Susan was sitting at the children’s piano playing it and Cameron was down on one knee with a black box in his hand.  He asked me to marry him and I accepted.  He still reminds me whenever we speak that we are engaged.  I have to wait quite a while as he is only 10 years old!


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