Doing Good is Good for Business: Guide to Giving in the Workplace


In recent years, philanthropy has taken on an increasingly important role in the workplace.  Workplace giving campaigns vary in nature, size and scope but the benefits to employees are always the same: the ability and privilege to give back to the causes near and dear to one’s heart.

Charity Navigator offers a comprehensive guide to giving in the workplace, summarized by the six tips below:

  1. Examine your values to determine which causes you want to support.
  2. Review your personal finances to determine how much you can afford to give.
  3. Learn how the participating charities were pre-screened and back it up with your own research.
  4. Find out what percentage of your donation is going to the charities you’ve chosen.
  5. Maximize the amount of money going to charity by reviewing your employer’s matching program.
  6. At the end of the year, find out how your donations were put to use.

If you’d like to participate in THE ASSOCIATED’s Annual Campaign, visit us at  If your place of business has a United Way campaign, you can allocate your funds to THE ASSOCIATED by designating charity #108.


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