What’s the Single Best Way to Give Your Child a Strong Jewish Identity?

A Jewish day school!**

However,  there are so many more unique benefits a Jewish day school will give your child, including pride in our Jewish heritage, a warm and nurturing Jewish environment, a values-based education that develops character, outstanding teachers and role models and small classes with individual attention.

While there are many lifelong benefits, many parents don’t realize the additional advantages provided by a Jewish day school education, including:

  • Strong college preparation with an outstanding record of college acceptances
  • A well-rounded education that prepares children for the challenges of contemporary society
  • A positive Jewish identity that fosters engagement in Jewish life

That’s not opinion – that’s fact, as demonstrated by Dr. Leonard Saxe and Fern Chertok in their study, The Impact of a Jewish Education on Adults’ Jewish Identity.

In Using Systematic Data from College Age Alumni to Address Parental Concerns, published in HaYidion: The RAVSAK Journal, Dr. Saxe and Ms. Chertok examine “the concerns that keep non-Orthodox parents from choosing a day school education for their children and suggest how systematic data from our national study of the academic, social, and Jewish trajectories of college-age day school alumni relate to these concerns.” See what answers the data provides to these questions and others.

Just last week, the AVI CHAI and Steinhardt Foundations asked their blog followers for suggestions on making Jewish day school education a more attractive option. Some responses included:

  • Supplementary classes for parents to become comfortable with Judaic material;
  • Connecting with local Jewish early childhood programs to create natural transitions to day schools;
  • Making the scholarship application process friendlier; and,
  • Creating programs where prospective parents could get to know day school alumni

No surprise, the Baltimore Jewish community is way ahead of them, with several schools already providing these kinds of programs and services. Are you ready to learn more? Start now at baltimorejewishdayschools.org.

**According to The Impact of a Jewish Education on Adults’ Jewish Identity – 2000-01 National Jewish Population Study Report

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