Taking Volunteering ‘On the Move’

By Dayna Leder
Program Associate
Jewish Volunteer Connection

With busy school and work schedules, sports schedules and social lives it is harder and harder for families to spend quality time together.  Parents are rushing from meeting to meeting while children are juggling homework, sports activities and birthday parties.  Volunteering as a family is a great way to take a break from your busy lifestyle and spend time together while doing something meaningful for the community.  Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC) offers two amazing programs in which families can accomplish this goal.

“Mitzvah Makers” programs are schedule four to six times throughout the year and offer families the opportunity to come together with other families to do a variety of different volunteering activities.  These programs include sukkah decorating at a senior facility and making casseroles for the homeless.

“Mitzvah Makers on the Move” is an on-line resource of volunteer opportunities that families can do together when time permits.  This resource offers instructions for different volunteer projects as well as Jewish learning information so parents can help their children understand why they are volunteering.  Because I staff all of the Mitzvah Makers projects, my young children ages four and seven always accompany me to these events.  At random times, my children will talk about their experience at the senior facility or ask when they are going back to do another “mitzvah project,” it always takes me by surprise.  I think as parents, we want to make sure that what little time we have to spend with our children is spent in a meaningful way and sometimes we think that our children don’t “get it” when really they do.  JVC offers a way to bring families together to do something good for the community and to learn something at the same time.

Please join us for our next Mitzvah Makers program on Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at Weinberg Park Assisted Living for a spring planting day.  We’ll be helping the facility to clean up their outdoor space to get it ready for the warmer weather.

For more information about volunteering together as a family, please contact me at dleder@associated.org or 410-843-7491.

For more information about Mitzvah Makers on the Move, log on to our website at www.jvcbaltimore.org/onthemove.


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