My Super Sunday: Jewish Teens Host Their Own Phone-a-Thon

By Lindsey Deitch

Last Sunday evening, teens from around the Baltimore area united for an event called Teen Super Sunday at the Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC. The teens learned about THE ASSOCIATED, the phoning process and gained pledges to help their campaigns. TGI alone earned over $1,600 for their campaign, and STAC, Diller, BBYO and Maccabi teens all raised money for THE ASSOCIATED’s Annual Campaign. I am a TGI fellow and helped run this year’s Teen Super Sunday. The entire process was very nerve wrecking, but also very exciting and fulfilling. Not many people feel comfortable asking for money, but after learning the correct way to call and ask for pledges, the teens were able to have fun and really be creative with the phoning process. Seeing how many kids in the Baltimore area cared and were eager to help with something they may not have even been directly related to really had an impact on me. It was great to see so many teens come out to help raise money and also so many willing to donate. Overall, Super Sunday was a success and a great experience to have as a Baltimore teen!!

The Teen Giving Initiative (TGI) is a program of THE ASSOCIATED’s Jewish Volunteer Connection.  Applications for the 2012-13 TGI program will be available in January, 2012.  For more information about TGI or other programs for teens, please contact Renée Goldfarb at or  410-369-9338.
Learn more about ASSOCIATED teen programs>>

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