JCC ECE Moms Commit to Fitness

By: Esther Apt

Tara Rudo and Beth Rose are not only active moms at the JCC ECE, they are also energetic JCC fitness participants. Tara is the Co-President of the Parents’ Association and Beth is the Chairperson of the ECE Silent Auction this year. Since both moms know that education doesn’t end in the classroom, they teach their children by exemplifying a healthy life style.

“People don’t always realize there are amazing fitness classes included in their JCC membership,” says Beth. In the course of a week, she takes cycling, Barre Sculpt and Bodypump and works out with a personal trainer. “It’s a nice way to socialize with other kids’ parents outside of the classroom and to have others motivate you,” she says. Beth confesses that prior to meeting Tara she had never even taken a fitness class. “But I am definitely addicted now!”she admits.

Convenience is another perk the mothers love. “I don’t have to waste time driving to multiple locations to get things done” says Tara. “For me, it is perfect having the kids in school at the JCC and being able to work out there also.” Beth points out, “Everyone has 30 minutes. You have schedules for your kids so make one for yourself and stick with it! ”

Group Fitness classes are free to JCC  members. Get a schedule at the front desk or visit jcc.org/schedules.
For other healthy living options, click here>>

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