How well do you know Baltimore’s Sister City, Ashkelon?

The Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership, launched in 2003, has set people-to-people connections as its top priority. Through a variety of venues, the Partnership provides a wonderful opportunity for Baltimoreans and Ashkelonim to bond with their brothers and sisters overseas on issues of shared concern.

How well do you know your sister city? Test yourself to see if you can answer these five questions (don’t peak, answers are at the bottom).

  1. Ashkelon is how many miles away from Tel Aviv?
  2. How many people live in Ashkelon?
  3. LogoHow many of those people were born in Israel?
  4. What are Ashkelon’s dominant business arenas?
  5. How many boats can dock at Ashkelon’s marina at any given time?

You can find these answers, and more, on the Baltimore-Ashkelon Virtual Community.

Or, you can come to “Israel! A morning of advocacy, education and community” on Sunday, November 13. The Shoubin Lecture/keynote address will be by William Daroff, Vice President for Public Policy & Director of the Washington Office of the Jewish Federations of North America. Eight breakout sessions will offer informative and action-oriented topics such as Israeli history, politics, current events, how to advocate when you don’t agree, ways to get involved through the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership and more!

Learn more and register now>>

1. 44 miles; 2. 128,000; 3. 69 percent; 4. tourism, light industry and services; 5. 600


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