Mindless Eating

By Amy Schwartz
Fitness & Wellness Director
Jewish Community Center

A nibble here, a bite there. Such snacking may seem harmless, but it can pad your diet — and waistline — with a surprising number of sneaky calories.

Apple pictureSound familiar: You made a good dinner: grilled chicken, steamed veggies and fruit for dessert. As you’re cleaning up your kids’ dinner of macaroni and cheese, you steal a few bites before throwing it down the drain.

Turns out, those little nibbles can really add up! Of the many eating decisions we make every day, many fall into the mindless category or that 100-or-so calorie area. Did you know that eating 100 extra calories every day can lead to a 10-pound weight gain over the course of a year?

Try replacing this noshing with healthy snacks that include fruits or vegetables and protein. You’ll cut excess calories, feel fuller, and eat healthier foods!


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