Meet Harriet: Center for Community Engagement & Leadership

Harriet Berg likes chicken soup and the Jewish holiday of Passover. Harriet is passionate about her role as chair of THE ASSOCIATED’s Center for Community Engagement & Leadership (CCEL).

“In my role, I am so fortunate to work alongside and learn from some of the most extraordinary, brightest and passionate lay leaders and professionals,” she says.

CCEL connects volunteers to work they can feel good about and provides these volunteers with the leadership skills necessary to ensure their success. Through programs like Young Leadership Council and Dor Tikvah, CCEl is creating strong future leaders.

“I find it so fulfilling when I see young members of our community growing in their roles and finding true satisfaction through their work,” Harriet says.
The strength of Baltimore’s volunteer base has long been the envy of Federations across the country. It is what makes Baltimore such a special, unique place, Harriet explains.

“By investing in CCEL, THE ASSOCIATED is making a strong statement: The dollars we raise are not only to provide for Jewish Baltimore’s basic needs, but to invest in the tools to inspire and support those who give and to provide for community experiences and innovation.”

This year, CCEL is expanding its human resource development efforts, ensuring that volunteerism and engagement continue to be at the top of our Federation’s priority list.

“To use a line from one of CCEL’s programs, Chapter Two – through THE ASSOCIATED you can, ‘find your passion and turn it into action,’” says Harriet. “I promise that when you find the thing that excites you and you feel and see that you are making a difference in our Jewish community, you will get back much more than you will ever give.”

Being ASSOCIATED is turning your passion into action. DONATE NOW to THE ASSOCIATED Annual Campaign>>



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