Meet Mel: Weinberg Village Resident

Mel says he’s a kibitzer. He can talk to you about anything – Bingo, the weather, the garden in his back yard. He just likes to schmooze. He has the friends he wants to talk to and the activities to keep him active, thanks to his home in THE ASSOCIATED’s Weinberg Village.

Mel and his wife, Lillian, moved into Weinberg Village in 2008.

“We were living in our daughter’s home,” he says, “but her children were having children and they needed more rooms. Moving to Weinberg Village was the best thing we ever did.”

Mel had heard about Weinberg Village from his friends, who described it as a fine place to live with fine activities. What Mel and his wife discovered is that Weinberg Village offers seniors, “luxurious apartments at the right price. … We have never been dissatisfied.”

Mel laughs at the idea that he is aging, but admits he is about to push past 85. He says he feels young because he’s active and his Weinberg Village lifestyle is what makes it possible. Mel’s in charge of Bingo night and he’s on the board. He meets lots of new friends from his own age group through Eating Together and other social programs. He also feels secure knowing that the nurses and other professionals are there to ensure he stays healthy and safe.

“My wife and I are just as happy as we can be,” says Mel. “Thank you ASSOCIATED. I hope that all the Jews in Baltimore are ASSOCIATED – we are!”

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