ASSOCIATED gets into Grand Prix Excitement

Tal Bloom

By Tal Bloom

It isn’t often that cities are presented with the opportunity to bring new attractions and with them, new tourists, media and an economic boost.  Baltimore is one of those fortunate cities and we have the Grand Prix to thank.

The Baltimore Grand Prix will have an estimated economic impact on the local community of more than $60 million and as much as $100 million.  Part of this economic benefit is a result of the thousands of race participants – race team personnel, series staff, sponsors, etc. – who will spend a week in downtown Baltimore staying at local hotels and eating in local restaurants.  The local economy will also benefit from direct spending from the race organizers in constructing the track and organizing the event.  The largest impact will come from the many thousands of race fans from around the world who will spend a long weekend enjoying the sights and spending money in the area.  The Baltimore Grand Prix will also be a two hour “commercial” for the city of Baltimore, as the event will be broadcast live domestically and throughout the world.

The weekend of September 2-4, Labor Day weekend, will draw countless new faces to our city and give Baltimoreans a chance to showcase everything we have to offer.  Whether you work or live in the downtown area, you have been affected during the preparations.
See what our city will get in exchange for the closed roads and traffic delays we are all dealing with>>
Weekend details and to purchase tickets>>

As a supporter and community partner of the city of Baltimore, THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore has gotten in on the excitement.  The Business & Professionals Real Estate Division hosted a Lunch & Learn at the Science Center last spring as a learning opportunity for those interested in the race.  If you would like to attend future programs such as this or have an idea for a future program, contact me at or 410-369-9261.



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